Rosemary & Moor Mud Face Pack with Rose & Tulsi - 100g Combo

Rosemary & Moor Mud Face Pack with Rose & Tulsi - 100g Combo

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Posch Rosemary & Moor Mud Face Pack with Rose & Tulsi

It is often told in stories of women cared for themselves in ancient times. While there may have not been any artificial chemicals to soothe their needs, they had the power of nature by their side catering to their desires. The current trend, which Posch whole heartedly follows, is the same orthodox method used by women before. Creation of beautification opportunities through the natural elements present around you.

The Posch Rosemary & Moor Mud Face Pack with Rose and Tulsi is a perfect example of a combination comprising of such natural elements and bringing the best out a woman’s face. It includes decreasing or eliminating the blemishes, polishing the skin and rejuvenation of the skin. The face is the greatest asset of a woman’s external beauty while her personality and capability are her internal contributors. The Posch Rosemary & Mud Face Wash helps you gain confidence in yourself by highlighting your face for the world to notice..

The ingredients in the face pack are extremely fruitful for your skin and maintain the ph balance. They are affordable and well under your budget. The benefits of the ingredients have been described below for you to follow and understand-




Rosemary is often called the miracle plant for it’s all rounder benefits and the advantage of never poisoning or having side effects in your body. You can never go wrong with rosemary. It adds a pinch of glow and shimmer to you skin to make it look glassy.

Moor Mud

The gold of the north, this is the best remedy for almost all your skin problems. This one step solution can be used in a cleanser, cream, scrub and face pack as it tackles almost all of the skin problems like pimples, acne, dry and sensitive skin that you might be having.


Rose is essentially the greatest player ever to grace the floor as it perfumes and scents the face pack without comprising on its quality of beautifying naturally.


This powerful herb is probably the reason behind a successful skin care routine as it helps destress the skin and add a little glow to it. It helps you to get the salon ready glow and tighten your skin without damaging your pores or your cells. The tulsi in this product also has a calming, more relaxing effect on your face.

Why Posch Beauty

How To Use

Step:1 Cleanse your face with a cleanser or a cleansing milk.

Step:2 Use a damp towel to keep the moisture of the face intact.

Step:3 Use a good portion of the face pack and with the help of your fingers, spread them evenly along the major lines of face and inside it.

Step:4 Keep the face pack on for about ten to fifteen minutes and do not stretch your face muscles while the face pack is on.

Step:5 Step 5: Use the dampened towel to slowly remove the dried pack from your face.

Step:6 Wash your face with cold water.

Step:7 Use a cream after washing your face and rinsing out the pack.

Frequency of use: For enriching your skin, you can also use the Poschwhiting or day cream. Always remember to moisturize your skin after a wash to keep the skin soft and supple.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I get pimples or rashes after using the face pack?

Unless and until your skin is highly sensitive and need inspection, the Posch Rosemary & Moor Mud face pack is safe for you. However, it is important for you to consult with your dermatologist in case you face any side effects which may seem like pimples or rashes to you. If you come under the normal, dry and sensitive skin category then you don’t need to worry about side effects.

Is this product safe to use with rose water?

Since rose extracts have already been added to the product, there is no immediate requirement for you to add rose water to it. You may however, explore your options and add the rose water as a measure of enhancing the already present qualities.


IWhat is the best after product that can used with the face pack?

You can always use the Posch Apricot cream to keep the moisture locked in and to maximize the potential of the face pack to add the womanly glow and the appropriate amount of moisture to your face without losing the natural glow.

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