Beer Conditioner with Amla, Reetha & Brahmi - 200 mL

Beer Conditioner with Amla, Reetha & Brahmi - 200 mL

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Posch Beer Conditioner with Amla, Reetha & Brahmi ( 200 mL )

Do you love silky and shiny hair? If yes, then Posch beer shampoo & conditioner might be an ideal choice for you. People of the present generation face various hair problems. In most cases, the victim does not know the basic hair care routines. The pollution acts as a worse enemy to the hair as an add-on to the already existing hair problems.

The answer to silky and shiny hair is nothing but Posch beer shampoo & conditioner. It has got natural ingredients that would protect your hair from any kind of hair damage and help them grow faster and healthier. The all in one natural ingredient come in the right composition and therefore works the best on any kind of hair.

Posch shampoo & conditioner can help you grow some healthy strands from your scalp at ease. The all in one natural ingredient in the beer shampoo & conditioner promote hair growth with paraben-free, THC free and gluten-free extracts.


Posch beer shampoo & conditioner has got pure and organic natural ingredients that can repair damage in your hair and keep your hair healthy and strong. The following ingredients will help you

Barley Extract

Barley is one of the most ingredients of beer hair care. It contains some of the richest proteins and element which promote hair growth at ease such as micronutrients, thiamin, and niacin. Thiamin and niacin are the ones who rebound hair and make them damage-free. Hair strands cannot stand the macronutrient parts because of their size but they can cope up well with the micronutrients though. Another important part of barley is procyanidin B-3 which promotes hair growth individually.

Reetha Extract

Reetha extracts in Posch beer hair shampoo & conditioner is something that you cannot miss. It is the only organic ingredient in the components of Posch beer shampoo & conditioner which helps you keep away dandruff and dry scalp flakes away from your hair. Reetha extracts help you keep your scalp healthy from drying up and thus promote hair growth and shine at ease.

Brahmi Extract

If you want to darken your hair and bring in more volume, then Posch beer shampoo & conditioner with Brahmi extracts might be your best friend. The Brahmi extracts are great for hair growth. It reduces hair fall and also helps hair conditions like Alopecia areata for the regrowth of beautiful and voluminous hair.

Amla Extract

Amla extracts in Posch beer shampoo & conditioner is yet another organic extract that promotes hair growth. The hair strands start thinning out with time due to heavy damage. But amla extracts in the beer conditioner can help you out of such problems with its vitamin C part which also is the reason behind dandruff-free scalp.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E has always been one of the most essential ingredients in any shampoo or conditioner which promotes hair growth. Stress in today’s world is the worst enemy of hairs as they fall out. But vitamin E extracts in Posch beer shampoo & conditioner with vitamin E extracts do wonders to your hair with its antioxidant properties.

Why Posch Beauty

How To Use

Step:1 Wet Hair and apply Beer Shampoo on your hair.

Step:2 Rinse hair with water.

Step:3 Apply the beer conditioner to your hair strands.

Step:4 Rub it down the strands avoiding the scalp part.

Step:5 Let it stay in the hair strands for 5 to 10 minutes..

Step:6 Wash it off your hair.

Frequency of use: Posch beer shampoo & conditioner comes with some reach element which promotes hair growth and brings in shine and color to the hair naturally.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who can use Posch Beer Shampoo & Conditioner?

Posch beer conditioner does not come with gender-specific use. Both males and females can use it for better hair growth and shine.

HIs Posch beer shampoo or conditioner harmful?

No, Posch beer conditioner is not at all harmful to the hair because it comes paraben, THC, and gluten free.

Does the Beer shampoo or conditioner of Posch have alcohol in it?

The most commonly asked questions on beer conditioners and shampoo is the above question. But to your surprise, it does not have any alcohol extract in it but only barley extracts which makes hair growth easier.

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