Oil Control Face Wash Enriched With Aloe Vera, Tea Tree & Sandalwood - 100g

Oil Control Face Wash Enriched With Aloe Vera, Tea Tree & Sandalwood - 100g


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POSCH Oil Control Face Wash With Aloe vera, Tea Tree & Sandalwood

POSCH Oil Control Face Wash has got all the natural ingredients that can repair and rejuvenate your skin in the easiest way without involving any harmful composition of paraben or gluten. The skincare product is 100% organic and vegan.

POSCH Oil Control Face Wash helps purify the skin and make it glow whenever you want. The instant brightness and oil-free look can help you carry yourself out in public, flaunting your skin with confidence. You can use Posch oil control face wash to keep glowing from hours of use. Try it now!


POSCH Oil Control Face Wash comes with natural extracts of pure ingredients, which can help you fight severe skin problems like unclear skin and oily skin at ease.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural ingredient in POSCH Oil Control Face Wash, which has successfully treated skin problems like oily skin. The face wash consists of pure aloe vera extracts, which quickly absorbs oil from the skin. The best part of these aloe vera extracts in the face wash is that it not only removes oil from the skin but also repairs debris on the skin where the oil accumulates, giving your face a lousy shape and unhealthy sticky effect that stops you from growing and glowing.

Tea Tree

Tea tree oil extracts play a pivotal role in bettering the skin. The tea tree has always been famous as a solution to several skin problems for its anti-septic properties. Oily skin in humans leads to stickiness and other difficulties like dark skin, debris, acne, blackheads, whiteheads, etc. But once you try to fight oily skin without tea tree oil extracts, there are possibilities of increasing the acnes.

Tea tree oil extracts prevent acne on oily skin and avoid oil accumulation in damaged parts' debris. It also repairs the skin torn pieces for smoothing the face surface at ease.


Skin pores remain wide open most of the time and get exposed to sunlight and pollutants in the atmosphere. It causes the skin to face extreme sebum secretion and other skin problems related to oil accumulation. Sandalwood is one of the most common herbal extracts which can help you come out of such issues at ease. Sandalwood extracts can help repair and tighten skin pores and prevent sebum from accumulating.

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How To Use

Step:1 Wash your face with normal water once to wet its surface.

Step:2 Grab your POSCH Oil Control Face Wash and apply a minimum of two drops on your face.

Step:3 You can massage the face with your hands with a face wash applied on it for one minute.

Step:4 Wash away the applied face wash with clean water at once for clear looking glowing skin.

Frequency of use: You can also use POSCH Oil Control Face Wash twice a day, depending on your skin's quality, delicacy, and oil content. Using the oil control face wash with natural ingredients can help you get clean, dry, and healthy skin all time. Go and flaunt your beautiful skin today!

Frequently Ask Questions

Does POSCH Oil Control Face Wash solve every skin problem?

The POSCH Oil Control Face Wash takes care of every other skin problem like acne, debris formation, rough skin, etc. But it specializes in treating skins with oil accumulation.

Is POSCH Oil Control Face Wash for every skin type?

POSCH Oil Control Face Wash is for the use of every skin type. It does not matter if your skin is delicate, sensitive, or regular; you can always use Posch beauty oil control face wash for help.

Does POSCH Oil Control Face Wash solve oily skin problem permanently?

Sebum secretion in your skin can never stop permanently as it is a natural process. But you can keep the oily skin condition in control by using the face wash daily at least twice a day.

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