Facial Face Wash Enriched With Aloe Vera, Gooseberry & Papaya - 100g

Facial Face Wash Enriched With Aloe Vera, Gooseberry & Papaya - 100g


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POSCH Facial Face wash with Aloe vera, Gooseberry & Papaya

The ingredients of POSCH Whitening Facial Facewash are 100% pure and organic in the facewash, and so it can bring out the best of your skin.

The pure aloe extracts, along with the benefits of gooseberry and papaya, can play magic on your damaged, darkened skin tone. The product does not have any side effects for its chemical-free composition. It does not contain harmful ingredients that might damage your skin internally, like THC, gluten, or parabens.


POSCH Whitening Facial Facewash comes with organic ingredients that can bring out the best of your skin externally and internally, making your skin glow bright, whiten and stay healthy.

Aloe vera

POSCH Whitening Facial Facewash comes with pure aloe extracts it which is responsible for making your skin glow bright at ease. Aloe vera has got aloin compounds in it, which is a depigmenting ingredient. It helps in rubbing out pigmented areas from your skin with no side effects. Skin pigmentation and dead skin cells on your face might be the key reason behind the dark skin tone. But organic aloe vera extracts in Posch whitening facial facewash can solve your problem of dark complexion in a deep-rooted way.


Skin demands to be nourished and cleaned every day. You can use the Posch whitening facial facewash, which has got gooseberry extracts for whitening your skin tone. The vitamin C extracts in gooseberry are something that your skin needs for staying healthy. It brightens the dark skin and works as a scrub to bring out the dirt without drying it. Vitamin C extracts in gooseberry help in toning and tightening your skin. Rinsing and massaging your face's vital points with Posch whitening facial facewash can help you get the best result of white skin.


Papaya has all the elements which can help your skin glow more and whiten the darkened areas. Most skincare products leave the skin white with their drying properties, but Posch whitening facial facewash has papaya extracts. Papaya has got bleaching properties in it by default. The zinc and Vitamin C compounds in papaya help prevent the dermis layer from within without leaving any spots untreated. The moisturizing property of papaya extracts in Posch whitening facial facewash does not let the skin dry in the cleansing procedure.

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How To Use

Step:1 Wet your face with an adequate amount of lukewarm water to open the pores on your skin.

Step:2 Apply Posch whitening facial facewash to your face.

Step:3 Massage your face with the facewash without leaving any spot untouched.

Step:4 Rinse and wash your face correctly.

Frequency of use: Skin is the outermost layer on the face. It is exposed to everything in the atmosphere, from direct harmful sun rays to various harmful pollutants in the air. There always remain the possibilities of skin damage, debris formation, accumulating oil, and acne. Such skin issues can either dry up your skin excessively or over-moisturize it.
Using too much whitening facial facewash might end up drying your skin at ease. If you have dry skin already, then you can use the skin whitening Posch facewash once daily. But if you have oily skin by default, you are free to use it twice a day for best results.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who can use Posch whitening facial facewash?

Posch whitening facial facewash comes with vital organic ingredients, which are essential to all people's skin. The facewash is for versatile use. It works best on delicate skins of kids and women. It also gives satisfying results in men.

Is Posch whitening facial facewash ideal for sensitive skin?

Posch whitening facial facewash is ideal for all skin types. It has organic ingredients that work efficiently on sensitive skin types without any side effects such as redness, rashes, or irritation on the face.

Does Posch whitening facial facewash help in getting rid of acne?

Oil and dirt accumulate in the skin's dermis layer on your face, which is when acnes and darkened skin cells develop. Posch whitening facial facewash can quickly help you get rid of such problems.

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