Face Scrub Enriched With Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil & Saffron - 100g Combo

Face Scrub Enriched With Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil & Saffron - 100g Combo


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Posch Face Scrub Enriched With Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil & Saffron

POSCH exfoliating deep cleansing scrub not only removes dead skin but also minimizes pores. You are left with radiant, beautiful, and even skin. It is not one of the harsh scrubs that leave your skin dry and inflamed. It’s a 100% organic and vegan formula to exfoliate your skin without damaging it at any level.

POSCH exfoliating deep cleansing scrub not only clears your skin but also locks the natural glow and moisture of the skin. You can use this scrub once a week for healthy and radiant skin.

100ml of this product comes in a tube, that is easy to use.


POSCH exfoliating deep cleansing scrub is formulated with organic components, that are known to offer beautiful and nourished skin

Jojoba Oil

The usage of Jojoba Oil is widely famous for the numerous benefits that it has to offer. It is known to be the lightest face oils there is. But, do not go on the weight of this oil for it has a long-lasting formula, offers vitamin E and B to the skin. Of all the face oils Jojoba is known to have the most amount of antioxidants. Jojoba Oil can also help to slow down the signs of aging, this means fewer wrinkles and fine lines. Other than this it is nongreasy, non-acnegenic, non-allergenic, and pacifies dry skin.

Almond Oil

The king of nuts, like Jojoba Oil has countless benefits to offer your skin. Almond oil is known as one of the best facial cleansers. It removes all the stubborn impurities of the skin from dead skin to excess sebum. It is an excellent moisturizer and can provide the best moisturization to dry spots. The presence of zinc in Almond Oil helps to lighten marks and scares. The ability of almond oil to dissolve the excess sebum from your skin and the presence of Vitamin A in it helps it to make your skin less prone.


The expensive spice of all is known to store some of the greatest beauty components. It's quality of making skin blemish free, nourished, and bright is known to all. Besides, these also possess anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. It is very common to get scarring on the skin now and then, but saffron can help heal it by speeding up the recovery process. It is also known to reduce pigmentation leaving you with an even skin tone. Its qualities of removing sun tan from the skin make it the favorite of all beauty enthusiasts.

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How To Use

Step:1 Damp your skin with normal or lukewarm water.

Step:2 Take a pea-sized amount on your palm and apply it to your face with a gentle massage.

Step:3 After massaging for 5 minutes, you can rinse it off.

Step:4 Apply POSCH Aloe Gel Enriched with Aloe Vera & Sea Buckthorn after some time.

Frequency of use: POSCH exfoliating deep cleansing scrub is mild, offers the right amount of exfoliation and nourishment to your skin. For best results, you can use it once to twice a week with a proper gap.

Frequently Ask Questions

How many times a week can POSCH exfoliating deep cleansing scrub be used?

Though it is recommended to use once to twice a week, there must be an ample gap between exfoliation. There must be a gap of 3 days before you can exfoliate your skin again.

Can anyone with acne-prone skin use POSCH exfoliating deep cleansing scrub?

Yes, POSCH exfoliating deep cleansing scrub is known to reduce acne due to the presence of saffron known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties. It can remove scars and marks from your skin. The presence of Jojoba oil reduces the acnegenic tendencies of the skin.

Can POSCH exfoliating deep cleansing scrub remove oil and sebum?

Almond oil can help to reduce the excess sebum and oil from your skin providing your skin with the right amount of nourishment.

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