Anti-Aging Night Cream with Saffron, Jojoba Oil & Rose - 15g + Under Eye Cream with Cucumber, Wheatgerm Oil & Almond Oil -15g

Anti-Aging Night Cream with Saffron, Jojoba Oil & Rose - 15g + Under Eye Cream with Cucumber, Wheatgerm Oil & Almond Oil -15g

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Posch Anti-Aging Night Cream with Saffron, Jojoba Oil & Rose ( 15 Gm ) + Posch Under Eye Cream with Cucumber, Wheatgerm Oil & Almond Oil ( 15 Gm )

Women often age earlier than their set dates due to stress and work over load. Over the time, it starts showing on their faces in the form of wrinkles and fine lines. Even though this aging process is absolutely normal and wonderful, there are often methods to prevent it from happening. You can use multiple options available at your expense to slow the aging process and to minimize the effects of it on your face for the next coming years.

As we advance as a society, it is important to remember how our confidence affects our personality and while there are thousands of women flaunting their flawless aging skin, there might be a few women who do not feel confident and comfortable and wish to change it so. Although the cream doesn’t guarantee confidence, it does guarantee anti aging results which might be the reason behind your confidence.

The Posch Under eye cream has the natural benefits of cucumber, wheatgram oil and almond oil to prevent the dark circles from enlarging and to relax the stressed eyes after a long day. This unisex product is good for both, working men and women as it is the best release after a long day of strain.

Cucumber, a known destresser and wheatgerm oil is the perfect combination available to reduce the dark circles without changing the shade or the general complexion under the eye. You can also enjoy the freshness and soothing features of the almond oil designed to perfection to suit your skin.


The ingredients used in these cream are few but effective.


Saffron brightens your skin colour and provides your face with a layer of freshness and the chilly comfort of the cold night. It makes your skin better, more youthful and conditions it deeply from the pores. Saffron is often used as a remedy more than a cosmetic as it helps with your skin conditions and ensures that your skin is health and elastic. Saffron is also used to add a glow to your face that is incomparable.


Rose is essentially the greatest player ever to grace the floor as it perfumes and scents the anti aging cream without comprising on its quality of beautifying naturally. Rose extracts and Rose water often help the person with the breathability of the skin and how well it responds to age. Using rose extracts in a cream ensures that you are getting the best of rejuvenation at the lowest cost. You can also try to add additional rose water as it helps with the tightening of skin through time.

Jojoba Oil

Traditionally, jojoba was used for it’s nutritional benefits and because it helped with cutting down on the excessive oil sitting on your face. Jojoba is without a doubt, one of the significantly impactful ingredient in the scrub as it packs in multiple nutrients and benefits in itself. It has been noted that using jojoba on face, body and hair can eventually make you age slower which ultimately makes you look younger. Jojoba also compliments your internal and external health thereby reducing any chances of rashes, pimples or other skin infections / fungal infections. The jojoba in the night cream has been introduced in such a way that it will make your skin glossier in about two to three weeks.

Wheatgerm oil

Wheatgerm oil, a very beneficial ingredient is the best option to reduce the darkness around your eyes as it lightens and brightens it.

Almond Oli

Almond oil is the most important ingredient in the list as it helps in absolutely eliminating the dark circles. The almond oil is also used to puff the skin up so it doesn't look depressed.

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How To Use

Step:1 Before going to sleep at night, wash and moisturize your face.

Step:2 Tap your face clean and dry and only when you are sure that there is nothing left on your face, take a small portion of the night cream out.

Step:3 Using the night cream, massage your face gently (don’t apply under eye skin)

Step:4 When your skin has completely absorbed the cream, stop.

Step:5 Go to sleep with your night cream on and when you wake up, use your Posch face cleanser in the morning followed by another moisturizer.

Step:6 Doing this at least twice a week would decrease your skin problems.

Step:7 Take a very small qty of under eye cream and gently massage on your under eye skin before bed.

Frequency of use: Cucumber has a cooling and lasting effect on your eyes and prevents it from friction which causes dark circles. It is also useful for reducing the itch around the eyes which causes you to rub them.

Frequently Ask Questions

How old should one be to start using the product?

There is no age to start aging. Time is constantly moving forward and so are we. We have to be ever ready to face our future and thus, should prepare ourselves for it. It is also important to note that it is almost impossible for a person to not age at all.

How to use the Posch anti aging night cream & under eye cream?

Every one starts aging at birth and stops only after death. However there are ways to minimize the effect of aging and make it look like you’ve completely stopped aging.

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