Under Eye Cream with Cucumber, Wheatgerm Oil & Almond Oil - 15gm Combo

Under Eye Cream with Cucumber, Wheatgerm Oil & Almond Oil - 15gm Combo

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Posch Under Eye Cream with Cucumber, Wheatgerm Oil & Almond Oil ( 15 Gm )

It is an universally known fact that stress and bad health causes dark circles. It can be the health on the inside and the health of your skin. Overall it is a necessity to either reduce them or to get rid of them completely.

The Posch Under eye cream has the natural benefits of cucumber, wheatgram oil and almond oil to prevent the dark circles from enlarging and to relax the stressed eyes after a long day. This unisex product is good for both, working men and women as it is the best release after a long day of strain.


Cucumber, a known destresser and wheatgerm oil is the perfect combination available to reduce the dark circles without changing the shade or the general complexion under the eye. You can also enjoy the freshness and soothing features of the almond oil designed to perfection to suit your skin.


Honey is known for its humectant and emollient properties that provide moisturizer to your hair. The humectant bond with the water molecules adds moisture to your dry strands. Emollients smoothen your hair follicles and add shine to your dull hair. Thus, by making your hair shinier and moisturized, honey provides a natural luster to your hair.

Amla Extract

The Amla extract ingredient was the traditional medicine of India. People used to apply amla oil directly on their hair and scalp, skin, or facial hair. The oil is also helpful for strengthening hair, reduce greying and loss of hair, and protects from scalp and hair infections like lice. Overall, it improves the appearance of your hair and promotes hair growth.

Bhringraj Extract

Bringraj is known to promote hair growth and prevent dandruff and aging. The oil has a high amount of Vitamin D, Vitamin E, calcium, iron, and magnesium. It fights fungus and many bacterial infections. As it contains Vitamin E, it also prevents free radicals from impeding hair growth.

Brahmi Extract

Brahmi extracts strengthen the weak veins by increasing the oxygenated drops of blood. It is useful for those people who have hair loss due to malnourished hair follicles. Further, Brahmi helps to provide nourishment and strength to the scalp and strengthens the blood vessels.

Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek Extract is rich in protein and iron. Both are the essential nutrients that promote hair growth. They also contain a unique combination of plant compounds that includes saponins and flavonoids. These compounds induce hair growth because of their antifungal and anti-inflammatory effects.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is efficient for healthy skin and scalp. The poor health of your scalp has a link with your dull hair quality. Thus, Vitamin E supports the scalp and provides a strong base to your hair by minimizing the oxidation stress and preserves a protective lipid layer.

Why Posch Beauty

How To Use

Step:1 At bed time wash your face with POSCH Face wash.

Step:2 Take a very small quantity of Under eye cream on your fingure tip and apply it on under eye skin and softly massage 2-4 times.

Frequency of use: Use the product before going to sleep every night and remember to not wash it off with your face wash on the same day. You can also use our other night cream products with our under eye cream to get the best results.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who can use this product?

Any person over the age of twelve can use this product if they’re seeing dark circles around their eyes. It is best to incorporate the under eye cream early into your skin care routine to maximize the benefits of the cream.

Can we use a gel based formula over a cream based formula?

While you may occasionally enjoy the gel based formula, it is important to remember that the cream works faster and lasts longer so it is in your best benefit to use the under eye cream over the gel based formula.

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