Ubtan Face Wash with Daru Haldi and Tomato - 100g

Ubtan Face Wash with Daru Haldi and Tomato - 100g


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Posch Ubtan Face Wash with Daru Haldi and Tomato

It is a known secret that tradition never fails and that every person is somehow interlinked with our traditional secrets, one of them being beauty. Recipes passed down from our grandmothers to mothers and our formulas incorporating those recipes to create something strong but equally healthy for your skin. The Posch Ubtan Face Wash with Daru Haldi and Tomato has some of the most enriching ingredients for your skin which helps lighten and brighten it over time.

The Posch Ubtan Face Wash with Daru Haldi and Tomato has the qualities of a salon professional and can easily give you the glow from a facial. Highly efficient and easy to use, thisubtan has the perfect combination of a naturally beneficial remedy and an artificially enriched formula.

Each ingredient is hand picked and has the goodness ofprotein and acids good for your skin care routine. But before we start, let us understand what an ubtan means and why an ubtan face wash is good for yourskin. Ubtan, is an orthodox method used by the ladies to brighten their skin texture naturally. While besan or gram flour is widely used in the mixture, you might often find a mixture or formula made entirely out of vegetables. Ubtan is good for your skin as it helps you to minimize sensitivity and decrease your allergic reactions to artificial agents. The list of the ingredients and it’s benefits are as follows-



Daru Haldi

Haldi or turmeric as known to the world is a five in one remedy. It brightens your skin, keeps it hydrated, maintains the texture, adds a lustre and keeps in elastic. Haldi thus, is the best option for your skin which always produces absolute results. Daru Haldi, one of the strongest forms of haldi is a better product that is faster and much more consistent than the others.You can also use this haldi to correct your dark spots and to help reduce your scars and blemishes.


People often use tomato to add a natural glow to their face. Tomato also helps you to correct your shade and to lighten the skin tone. While it does not make your fairer, it does clear any and impurities that may hindering your overall appearance. Tomato is also used to tighten the skin and to make it look youthful for a long time. It can eventually lead you to have a better skin care that makes you beautiful by the day.

Why Posch Beauty

How to use

Step:1 Take a small portion out of the tube.

Step:2 Wet your face thoroughly.

Step:3 Take that small portion and rub it throughout.

Step:4 lowly massage your face with the face wash and make sure to gently rub the edges and the T zone.

Step:5 Once done, you can apply our Apricot cream to moisturize it.

Step:6 You can also add gulab jal to the face wash for extra effects.

Frequency of use: For enriching your skin, you can also use the Poschwhiting or day cream. Always remember to moisturize your skin after a wash to keep the skin soft and supple.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I use the face wash with another face wash for double cleansing?

You can, although it is not advised as using the face wash with another face wash without consulting with a dermatologist may harm your skin more than it does good. You can also use the face wash for double cleansing, however make sure that you foam it appropriately to maximise the effects of the cleanser.

Can I use the face wash with a face pack?

The correct way of incorporating the face wash in your skin care is by using it as a cleanser then using a scrub, a gel, a face pack and lastly an under eye cream and moisturizing lotion. You can use our apricot scrub to get the best results. The face wash when used correctly will start showing its effects in about 1 to 2 weeks depending on how frequently you use it.


Is this face wash safe to use for young girls?

Girls as young as ten years old can use this face wash to cleanse their way through the day. This face wash is non toxic and non harmful for young girls however infants and toddlers should not be using the face wash at any cost.

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