Fruit Crush Lipbalm with Almond, Grapseed & Orange - 8g Combo

Fruit Crush Lipbalm with Almond, Grapseed & Orange - 8g Combo

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Posch Fruit Crush Lipbalm with Almond, Grapseed & Orange 

The Posch fruit crush lip balm has been designed to moisturize the lips and nourish them. The lip balm has fruity extracts and a sweet scent to give you a nature feel freshness and add a punch to your day. The lip balm, mostly used by women, has all the right ingredients to maintain the colour of the lips and keep them glossy and shiny throughout the day. The lip balm also has several different layers to keep it long lasting and adding a hue or a stain to your lips.

All the ingredients used in the lip balm have been tested for the benefit of the user. The application is smooth, one step and is easily removable. But before we start explaining our ingredients, let’s talk about what the term fruit crush actually means? It sounds like a hip and upbeat way of announcing to the world that we are the next generation leaders who enjoy makeup and self care. It is for every independent woman and every shy personality waiting to outshine themselves. The Posch fruit crush lip balm helps you gain confidence in yourself and your personality.


Coming back to the ingredients, the lip balm has three important ingredients. Mainly:


Almond helps in nourishing and moisturizing your lips by providing them with apt nutrients. It up keeps the natural balance of the skin and helps add a feminine touch to the lip balm by plumping your lips. Almond is also a great natural scrub for you to use through the medium of a lip balm. .


Grapeseed oil is often used to add a layer of protection to your already plump lips and keep them from damage. The most prominent damage your lips get are from sun and it’s UV rays. Grapeseed protects your lips from UV damage and add the gloss and shine to it. Instead of spending thousands of rupees to get that model like shine and gloss to your lips, you can simply use our lip balm with a good primer or lipstick.


Orange peel extracts and the juice of orange are very nourishing for the lips. They maintain the reddish- brownish colour of the lips and make them more desirable for your eye. They also help in maintaining the overall moisture of the lips without chapping them too fast for you to use the lip balm again.

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How To Use

Step:1 The lip balm comes with an applicator and a cap.

Step:2 Open the cap and rotate the applicator upwards.

Step:3 Use the lip balm on your lips by lightly applying them.

Step:4 Next, this is optional but apply a good layer of your lipstick or primer.

Step:5 Apply the lip balm again and either with your lips or with your hands, spread them a little.

Frequency of use: Lastly, roughen the edges and apply a different shade of your lipstick to give a gradient and glossy look to your overall natural make up.
In case you are not using a lipstick or a primer, simply apply the lip balm and let it be.

Frequently Ask Questions

Does using this lip balm have any side effects?

Unless you are either allergic to grapeseed or almonds, you should not be facing problems or side effects after application of the lip stick. In the event that you do get side effects or highly chapped lips after application, consult a dermatologist or try another one of our lip balms to know what suits your best.

Can I use this lip balm for blush?

Although it is not advised, you can use this lip balm occasionally as a blush. Only in the event of a make up emergency should you use the lip balm as a blush.

Is this lip balm made of only natural ingredients?

While natural ingredients do constitute a majority of the ingredients in the lip balm, we have also used non toxic and environment friendly ingredients that are artificial. As only natural ingredients are hard to bind together and do not produce the best results unless combined with an artificial agent. You can find the list of artificial agents used in our products and understand how all of them are dermatologist approved.

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