Facial Toner with Pure Natural Moroccan Rosewater, White Tea Ext and Vitamin E - 50mL Combo

Facial Toner with Pure Natural Moroccan Rosewater, White Tea Ext and Vitamin E - 50mL Combo

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Posch Facial Toner with Pure Natural Moroccan Rosewater, White Tea Ext and Vitamin E

Why is it that every time we step out in the sun, we feel this prick on our skin? Or why is it that you feel this dryness on your skin every time you’re out on windy fields. While it may not seem like a big deal to you, it is a big deal to us as it shows your skin is thirsty for hydration. Every person deserves to have a little compassion shown to their skin and them. We help you keep your skin hydrated and nourished using the Posch Facial Toner with Pure natural Moroccan rose water, white tea extract and vitamin e.

the ingredients used have been classified according to their potential to maximize the benefits and efficiency when on your skin.

The ingredients used in this product are:


Moroccan Rose Water

If you’re a natural history freak then you must be well aware of the story where the roses of Morocco were capable of luring any woman in. It is said so because the Moroccan rose water, without a doubt, is the best hydrating solution for your skin when compared to any and all rose waters available anywhere in the world.

History often tells us about the extensive trade established just to purchase the rose water which was said to ‘heal' any scars and ‘beautify’ any wounds.

White Tea Extract

White tea extract helps you to brighten and lighten your skin and easily cover up your dark spots and blemishes. White Tea extract is frequently used in spa and facial solutions to add a natural glow to your face which is long lasting and pollution resistant. It also helps cleanse out the impurities from the pores by gently removing them. The White tea extract in this toner thus, is perfect women or women out in the field.

Vitamin E

Every trained professional knows the importance of vitamin e. This powerful oil is capable of preventing wrinkles and fine lines and acts as a primer on the skin when used. It is usually said that using vitamin e oil on your face can reverse your aging process and make you look more youthful and graceful with time.

Vitamin e is also used to fill in any creases that you may have on your forehead and absolutely eliminate any scars that you may be suffering from by erasing it or covering it.

Why Posch Beauty

How to use

Step:1 Wash your face with our PoschPomegranate facial cleanser and then dry it with a damp towel.

Step:2 Before applying your facial toner, make sure that your skin is not too dry or too wet.

Step:3 Lightly spray the toner on your face or tap it gently with your fingers.

Step:4 Leave it so for about five minutes and then carry on with your day

Step:5 It is important to remember not to wash your face after using the toner as it will wash away the toner with it.

Frequency of use: Your skin needs the right amount of nourishment to help it repair itself. This may be required daily. Therefore, you can use the POSCH Aloe Gel Enriched With Aloe Vera & Sea Buckthorn Combo every day. You can apply it to your skin twice a day if you feel the requirement.

Frequently Ask Questions

“I have seen videos claiming that toners don’t work.” Is it true?

We beg to differ. Toners do have a huge impact on how your skin stays throughout the day as they help the skin retain moisture and make up at the same. Toners are also important to keep your skin hydrated in dry conditions and periods as they keep the skin light and supple.

“I have never used a toner before. Should I try?”

Yes, there’s no shame in trying something and being a first timer at it. While many people refuse to do certain things just because they have not done it before, you should not be one of them. Experiencing things according to your own will is important and you should not hesitate to try new make up products or skin care products out..

Is there an age limit for adult women to use a toner?

No, any woman between the ages of 12 to 100 can use the toner. There’s no shame in taking care of your skin even if you’re old. Make up has not specified an age limit and neither should us as a company, society or individual.

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