Moor Mud Instant Facial Face Wash with Saffron, Turmeric and Sandal - 100g

Moor Mud Instant Facial Face Wash with Saffron, Turmeric and Sandal - 100g


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Posch Moor Mud Instant Facial Face Wash with Saffron, Turmeric and Sandal

Often, it is the natural glow that highlights a woman and brings the best out of her personality. A flawless look to go with an impeccable personality is the cherry on top which is what the Posch Moor Mud Instant Facial Face Wash promises. Women, especially those who are working and striving for success in life deserve a relaxing diversion from the hectic everyday life. The Moor Mud face wash, crafted to protect your womanly glow is the best face wash in our collection with saffron, turmeric and sandal incorporated in it. Saffron brightens your glow, turmeric protects it and sandal polishes it.

The essence of a woman's beauty is often judged by how she maintains herself. It is hard to keep up with salon appointments and cater to your skin’s needs at the same time. What happens to be harder is balancing your life and never stop being consistent. Posch understand the hardships and the struggles of a woman and offers to comfort through a series of delicately crafted products to satisfy their beauty needs.


The Face wash has three of the most important ingredients used to moisturize and nourish the face:


Turmeric lightens your blemishes and improves the texture of the skin. A spoonful of turmeric used in the Moor Mud face wash is enough to instantly light up your face and bring the spotlight to it.


Saffron brightens your skin colour and provides your face with a layer of freshness and the chilly comfort of the cold night. It makes your skin better, more youthful and conditions it deeply from the pores.


Sandal polishes your skin and adds the touch of a salon done facial to it. Nature is the remedy for your skin and sandal proves it so. The fragrance of sandal is attractive and sensual in it’s ways.

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How to use

Step:1 Use the face wash in the morning right after you wake up. .

Step:2 Splash a few drops of water on your face and pat your skin gently.

Step:3 Once you feel that the water has settles, squeeze out a portion of the face wash and with wet hands lather them up.

Step:4 Apply the frothy lather on your face and massage it for a few seconds. The best suited time for maximising the effect is about 50 to 60 seconds.

Step:5 Wash your face gently and pat your skin dry with a damp towel.

Frequency of use: For enriching your skin, you can also use the Poschwhiting or day cream. Always remember to moisturize your skin after a wash to keep the skin soft and supple.

Frequently Ask Questions

Does using this lip balm have any side effects?

Unless you are either allergic to grapeseed or almonds, you should not be facing problems or side effects after application of the lip stick. In the event that you do get side effects or highly chapped lips after application, consult a dermatologist or try another one of our lip balms to know what suits your best?

Is it safe to use the Posch face wash with another face wash of a different brand?

It is usually not advised to use two different brands together at the same time because both have been designed differently with different formulas for your skin. It could toil with your general p.h. balance and might damage your skin. You can however, consult with a dermatologist and then use the Posch face wash with another face wash of their prescription.

The Posch Moor Mud face wash is single handedly sufficient for nourishing your skin. You may not need to add any additives or alternatives .

Who can use this face wash?

Any woman , working or housewife, can use this Face wash to detox themselves from the outside pollution and relax their body. This sweet scented, homely face wash is the perfect go to option for those who have had a long day at work or household and wish to take a break. Affordable and convenient, this face wash is sure to make you feel better and give you a peaceful moment at the end of the day.

Can teenagers use this product? If yes, then is it okay for my skin type?

Yes, teenagers can use this product as it has been designed to be mild and enriching for everyone’s skin including those who have sensitive or dry skin. It is therefore, perfect for teenagers or girls entering their adulthood who wish to explore their skin care routine and choose products that are neither too harsh or absolutely ineffective on their skin.

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