Apricot De Tan Cream Scrub with Jojoba, Rose and Saffron - 100g

Apricot De Tan Cream Scrub with Jojoba, Rose and Saffron - 100g


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Posch Apricot De Tan Cream Scrub with Jojoba, Rose and Saffron

Very few products in the market today offer you the versatility as this one. The Posch Apricot De Tan Cream Scrub with Jojoba, Rose and Saffron offers you the three qualities of a perfect skin care mixture: a cream, a scrub and a moisturizer. This all in one product happens to have the benefits of nature and the science behind good skin care. One can use this product to improve the overall quality of their skin and to maintain it throughout.

It is vital to nurture the skin on your face and to provide it with the nutrients that will encourage cell rejuvenation and improvement of the texture of the skin. It is also important to pay attention to the little details that might be affecting your skin like excessive tanning, drying of the skin and premature wrinkles. If you’re unfortunately facing any of the above, it is advisable that you use the apricot de tan cream scrub to bring your skin back to it’s original shape. It is also important to know the benefits of the ingredients you are using and we have listed them down below:




Jojoba is without a doubt, one of the significantly impactful ingredient in the scrub as it packs in multiple nutrients and benefits in itself. It has been noted that using jojoba on face, body and hair can eventually make you age slower which ultimately makes you look younger. Jojoba also compliments your internal and external health thereby reducing any chances of rashes, pimples or other skin infections / fungal infections. The jojoba in the face wash has been introduced in such a way that it will make your skin glossier in about two to three weeks.


Traditionally, rose was used to give the woman a scent of her own and to moisturize her skin. Posch incorporates this feature of rose in thescrub where it gently exfoliates and moisturizes your skin at the same time. Unlike other scrubs, it does not tear your skin microscopically but it gently moves up the layer of skin and rinses out easily. This feature distinguishes Posch from the general brands available online.

The rose in the scrub also adds the signature scent to it which is sweet and seductive at the same time. The product hence, is best suited for women.


Saffron brightens up the colour of your skin and brings a tone of freshness to it. It also adds the chilly comfort of a cold night. Saffron also increases the elasticity of skin and helps in cell rejuvenation.

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How to use

Step:1 Wet your face with water or a damp towel.

Step:2 Make sure to squeeze a small portion of the scrub on to your fingers.

Step:3 Spread them apart on your face and in circular motions, gently rub it over your face.

Step:4 Continue doing so till you have covered every inch of your face.

Step:5 Avoid your eyes, lips and nostrils as you scrub the dirt and impurities out of your skin.

Step:6 Wash your face with cold water.

Step:7 Step 7: Make sure to rinse out all the cream and scrub.

Step:8 Pat dry with a damp towel or wet wipe.

Frequency of use: Your skin needs the right amount of nourishment to help it repair itself. This may be required daily. Therefore, you can use the POSCH Aloe Gel Enriched With Aloe Vera & Sea Buckthorn Combo every day. You can apply it to your skin twice a day if you feel the requirement.


Frequently Ask Questions

Who can use the scrub?

All women and teenage girls can use this scrub. Whether you’re experimenting or are an experienced person with a good morning and afternoon skin care routine, this scrub is a must have for you and your skin. It suits almost all the skin types including sensitive and dry and does not cause micro tears in your skin.

How frequently can you use it?

It is advised to use at least twice a week for the best results on an average or use it once a week if you’re experimenting with your skin care routine. For adult women, it is two to three times a week and for teenage girls, it is once or twice a week depending on their schedule.

Can I use a cleanser with it as well?

Yes, you can use the Posch cleanser before scrubbing your face. Cleansing before scrubbing ensures the removal of makeup which in turn makes removal of impurities and chemicals easier.

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