Multani Mitti Shampoo with Shatavari & Tea Tree Oil - 200 mL

Multani Mitti Shampoo with Shatavari & Tea Tree Oil - 200 mL


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Posch Multani Mitti Shampoo with Shatavari & Tea Tree Oil

Do you want to flaunt your perfectly healthy hair in public? If yes, then y7ou should be aware of the natural remedies to hair damage. The increasing rate of particulate matter in the air is one of the key reasons behind people’s miseries related to their hairs. In such a situation, it becomes tougher to trust or rely on any particular brand.

Posch Multani Mitti Shampoo is something you can easily rely on these days. When it comes to your hair, you always look for the best options in the market. To your surprise, you would not find anything better for your hair than the Posch Multani Mitti shampoo . Be it damage repair or hair growth, Posch Multani Mitti shampoo is the best in every way.

Posch Multani Mitti shampoo has got 100% organic ingredients that can help you get over your hair care issues. You can rely on Posch for its paraben-free, THC-free, and gluten-free ingredients. Get your permanent hair care solution right now!


Posch Multani Mitti Shampoo has got a healthy list of natural organic ingredients that can help you grow some volumes of hair and help you take care of them at ease.

Multani Mitti

Multani mitti is one of the natural hair masks which help in cleansing out dirt and oil from the scalp and hair shafts while the remaining part nourishes the hair and makes them gentle.


If you have got dandruff issues, then Posch Multani Mitti shampoo might be the solution you are looking for. It has got Reetha extracts in its composition which cures dandruff issues of the scalp by nourishing and moisturizing the scalp to some great extent.

Rosemary Oil

Though rosemary oil extracts bring in the side effect of slight scalp itching, it does not happen to everyone. Rosemary oil is an essential oil that can help you keep your scalp hydrated and make your hair roots stronger than usual and thus, prevent hair loss.

Shatavari Extract


One of the key components of the Posch Multani Mitti Shampoo is the Shatavari extract. It is an ayurvedic powder that works magically to soothe and calm the scalp skin. With smoothened scalp also helps to strengthen hair roots and thus, prevent hair fall. Its anti-inflammatory action on the scalp also helps in hair growth.

Tea Tree Oil

Another important organic ingredient in Posch Multani Mitti shampoo is tea tree oil. It nourishes the scalp and promotes hair growth. It destroys dandruff and dry scalp issues by moisturizing it to its best.

Vitamin E

The last but not the least component is Vitamin E in the shampoo . It helps in nourishing the hair shafts from the very roots to make them stronger, healthier, and shinier. It is the secret behind strong and silky hair worth a show!

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How To Use

Step:1 Apply it to the wet hair.

Step:2 Rub in against the shaft parts leaving the scalp.

Step:3 Let it stay on the strands for a few minutes and wash off.

Frequency of use: When it comes to using the PoschMultanimittishampoo , it is best to use it twice a week after washing your hair with proper shampoo products as excessive use might damage the hair and make them rough.

Frequently Ask Questions

Is PoschMultanimittishampoo reliable?

When it comes to hair care products, Posch is one of the best brands. You can rely on the composition of organic ingredients blended in its pure form at ease.

Is the shampoo only for long hairs?

The hair shampoo of Posch does not choose to work on long hair short. It works on every hair and especially long hair for its unique uses and benefits.

Which hair type is suitable for PoschMultanimittishampoo ?

Multani mittiPosch hair shampoo works for all types of hair. From rough hair to smooth hair, from damaged hair shafts to healthy shafts, everything goes well with PoschMultanimittishampoo .

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