Anti-Aging Face Serum with Vitamin E, Aloevera and Sandalwood - 50mL Combo

Anti-Aging Face Serum with Vitamin E, Aloevera and Sandalwood - 50mL Combo

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Posch Anti-Aging Face Serum with Vitamin E, Aloevera and Sandalwood

Skin aging and facial wrinkles are undesirable outcomes that can happen to anyone. The appearance of the face and the neck typically changes as you age. Loss of muscle tone and thinning skin gives the face a drooping appearance. Your skin also becomes dry and loses the underlying layer of fat and, your face no longer has a plump and smooth surface.

PoschAnti-Aging Face Serum has active ingredients that can help you with this problem. It contains a gel or a lightweight lotion that can infiltrate deeper to put the natural ingredients in your skin. It will make your skin firm and smooth by making the pores look smaller and make your skin moisturized.

PoschAnti-Aging Face Serumtackles the problem of anti-aging. With its antioxidants and active ingredients, it makes your skin healthier. As a result, your skin becomes more moisturized and, you can see the difference in the skin texture after a few days.


It comes in a 50 ml bottle with pump and, it is easy to access.


Vitamin E

According to dermatologists, Vitamin E can erase the fine lines and reduce wrinkles. It is the most important antioxidant as it protects the cell membranes and prevents the damages caused to the enzymes associated with them. The Vitamin E ingredient gets absorbed into your skin overnight after applying the serum. The intake of Vitamin E helps collagen cross-connect and the lipid peroxidation, where both are well-connected to the aging of your skin.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera extracts naturally increase the creation of collagen in the body. It helps to reduce the visible indications of aging, like fine lines or wrinkles, and makes your skin more youthful in appearance. The collagen helps to decrease wrinkles and makes your skin tightened. It improves the flexibility of your skin.


Sandalwood contains a high level of antioxidants that fights radical damages. These improve the blood circulation in your face and prevent toxins. It also restores the skin's elasticity by removing the wrinkles and any other signs of anti-aging. The Sandalwood oil helps your skin to moisturize as it contains 90% santalol. So, it is a perfect ingredient for flaky hydrating dry skin.

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How To Use

Step:1 Wash your face gently with a cleanser.

Step:2 Apply toner if you need it.

Step:3 : Apply the serum to your face. Massage thoroughly into the skin.


Step:4 : Moisturize your skin with vaseline or any good moisturizer.

Frequency of use: Your skin is always exposed to several pollutants every day. So, when you are taking care of it, you should go with something that is healthier for your skin. PoschAnti-Aging Face Serum can help you with this.

PoschAnti-Aging Face Serum is gentle enough for everyday use if you need it. However, it is suggested to use twice daily if you have too many wrinkles or skin aging problems. You should apply all over the face two times a day, once in the morning and again in the evening.

Frequently Ask Questions

Who can use PoschAnti-Aging Face Serum?

PoschAnti-Aging Face Serum can be used by both men and women.

However, the ideal age to start using the serums is in the late 20s and in the early 30s till the age of 50+. This is the age when you will find the signs of aging.


How many days a week can you use PoschAnti-Aging Face Serum?

PoschAnti-Aging Face Serum can be used twice a day after applying toner in the morning and night.

Is PoschAnti-Aging Face Serum good for every skin type?

PoschAnti-Aging Face Serum can be used for all skin types whether you have oily skin, acne-prone, sensitive, or dry skin.

Does PoschAnti-Aging Face Serum remove dark spots?

PoschAnti-Aging Face Serum can remove dark spots by decreasing the creation of pigment. But make sure to use sunscreen that will help to reduce them.

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