Onion Hair Care Kit For Hair Fall & Baldness (Onion Shampoo 200mL+ Onion Conditioner 200mL+ Onion Oil 100mL)

Onion Hair Care Kit For Hair Fall & Baldness (Onion Shampoo 200mL+ Onion Conditioner 200mL+ Onion Oil 100mL)

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Onion Hair Care Kit (Onion Shampoo + Onion Conditioner + Onion Oil)

Confidence is owning who you are and feeling accomplished in what you do. While it is not common for people to gain confidence through methods enhancing their appearances in India, it is common to modify our hair and styles to suit them better. To have flawless hair to enhance your confidence, you need to change your shampoo & conditioner.

The Posch Onion shampoo & conditioner has fenugreek to help with nourishing your scalp and hibiscus and brahmi to help it stay strong and healthy while the onion gives it a shine. The Posch shampoo & conditioner also uses extracts from onions to help reduce your split ends and bring back the glossy shine and volume to your dull hair.




Onion is known to offer great benefits to hair. It has sulfate that reduces thinning of hair and regenerates the hair follicles. By nourishing your hair follicles with nutrients it makes your scalp healthier. It fights bacteria and fungus to affect your hair or scalp, it regulates hair growth by enhancing blood circulation.


Fenugreek is used to rinse out any impurities your hair might be having and give it a brightening scrub. The purpose of adding fenugreek is also to heighten your hair's moisture and to keep it soft and supple throughout the day.


Hibiscus helps in retaining moisture and to keep the hair in shape and give it a good bounce and volume.


Brahmi is often used to prevent hair fall and dry hair and to keep the hair dandruff free.

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How To Use

Step:1 Take the required amount of oil on your palm. The amount of oil will depend on the thickness and length of the hair. It will work amazing if you little warm it before use.

Step:2 Gently massage Posch Onion Oil all over your scalp and hair.

Step:3 Leave it on your head for as long as you want and rinse it off with water or wash your hair.

Step:4 Wash your hair with water.

Step:5 Lather Posch Onion Shampoo and reach every strand of your hair.

Step:6 Rinse thoroughly. .

Step:7 Apply the Posch Onion conditioner on the hair shafts without leaving any spot.

Step:8 Massage the hair strands properly for three to five minutes and let the conditioner set in for ten minutes.

Step:9 Do not apply on scalp.

Step:10 Rinse your hair strands and wash off the conditioner.

Step:11 Towel dry your hair.

Frequency of use: You can use the shampoo & conditioner four times a week and can use it twice a day in case of occasions. Gently rub the portion of shampoo & conditioner through your hair and massage the ends with it. After shampoo & conditionering your hair, make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly and to dry it under the sun and not through a heater or a dryer.
You can always start a new shampoo & conditioner whenever you feel like but remember to not change it to quick as it may hinder with your hair care routine.,
Always try to be consistent with your hair care routine as you may indirectly hinder with your hair care routine and lose your progress.

Frequently Ask Questions

Should I use the shampoo & conditioner if I’m experiencing hair fall? What should I do about split ends?

Yes, you should most definitely use the shampoo & conditioner if you’re experiencing any one of the three things: hair fall, dry hair and split ends. Using the shampoo & conditioner frequently will help reduce split ends over the time.

Should I use the shampoo & conditioner daily if I’m experiencing hair fall?

We advise you against it as using the shampoo & conditioner daily may clog your hair follicles. It is hard to rinse out the shampoo & conditioner the same way as you did before, therefore, it may happen that you’ll most probably not rinse it out properly which will lead to clogging of your follicles and hair damage.

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