What Ingredients To Look For When Buying A Sun Protection Cream For Men's Face?

Jan 29 , 2021

What Ingredients To Look For When Buying A Sun Protection Cream For Men's Face?

Sunscreen is an essential product for protecting the skin from harmful sun rays, regardless of gender,(since the sun is the same for everyone!).
Men usually have thicker skin than women but can get sunburns or any other problems due to the harmful rays of the sun. It is therefore crucial for men to use sunscreen too! A sun protection cream for men's face will do its work of forming a protective layer over the skin. Therefore, it should contain all the necessary ingredients to create a layer, absorb well for a long-lasting effect, and protect the skin.

Ingredients/elements necessary in a sun protection cream for men's face include the following:

  • Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate
  • Avobenzone
  • Oxybenzone
  • Zinc oxide
  • Titanium oxide
  • Sulisobenzone

Sunscreens don’t have to have all of these ingredients, but they should have at least 2-3 to be considered appropriate for use. Titanium oxide especially has been in use in the cosmetic industry due to its ability to reflect and scatter UV light. UV rays can damage DNA in humans if directly exposed.

Zinc oxide and titanium oxide have been in use as sunlight protectors since about 1952. Both of them have many advantages as inorganic blockers for the harm caused by the UV rays.  They are often considered chemically safer than their other counterparts due to being inert.

Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, also known as octinoxate, is one of the other active ingredients in sunscreens, and it helps in dispersing the sun’s UVB rays, which might cause harmful burns.

Allantoin is another ingredient that moisturises the skin and helps in protection from the rays.

Grapeseed oil is an ingredient that helps reduce the damaging effect of UV rays on the skin and is, therefore, necessary in sunscreens for men. It is essential that your sunscreen has the listed and discussed ingredients since it has become challenging to choose sunscreens in the saturated market of skincare products.

The dermis and epidermis of men’s skin are tough and thick which makes moisturization an extremely important part of their skincare routine. If the skin is also dry, hydration of the skin is necessary. The skin needs to be moisturized before applying sunscreen lotions. Or one can skip the moisturizing step by investing in a sunscreen that serves the dual purpose of moisturization and sunblock.

POSCH is an online skin care product store where all products are carefully manufactured and packed to fit everyone’s standards. They believe in the power of nature and intend on manufacturing products that are not harmful to the skin and are natural. They source the best possible ingredients and herbs for their products.

POSCH sunscreen is enriched in aloe vera, neem, and turmeric, which are super useful for the skin! It also does not form a layer over the skin and is lightweight. It has a massive spectrum of SPF 50 which has around 98% protection rate instead of lower SPF sunscreens and nourishes the skin. POSCH’s sunscreen lotion is paraben-free, which can prevent severe hormonal dysfunction, breast cancer, and reproductive toxicity. You can read up more about paraben here.  This lotion is gluten-free as well, which is an essential quality in sunscreens. If it is not gluten-free it can cause rashes and irritation to people who are sensitive to gluten.

POSCH sunscreen lotion is a great sun protection cream for men's face. Apart from the ingredients mentioned above, this product contains titanium oxide and zinc oxide. These are an essential ingredient in sunscreens and are used as inorganic protectors against the sun’s rays. It also contains Ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, which helps in avoiding harmful burns. Another component is allantoin! It is essential for moisturising the skin. A moisturised skin helps absorb the sunscreen better! It has grapeseed oil, which is another ingredient useful for men’s skin!

Indian skin type can vary from extremely dry to oily to sensitive skin. People may also have dry skin with an oily T zone. Based on the skin type and condition, dermatologists recommend sunscreens that have a high or low sunblock factor. Sunscreens that moisturize and hydrate the skin are best suited to be used in winters. Therefore, it is recommended to use sunscreen, which is cost-effective, light-weight, contains many of the listed components, and is easy on your skin. This product has a natural soothing fragrance since many people might not be a fan of strong fragrances! This sunscreen lotion soothes and de-tans the skin, provides protection against harmful damage caused by the sun’s rays, and keeps the skin hydrated and healthy all day long.