Know all about the best Indian Shampoo for Hair Growth

Feb 09 , 2021

Know all about the best Indian Shampoo for Hair Growth

For many people, a lifelong wish is to have beautiful hair. Some have naturally beautiful hair by birth, while many are concerned about hair related problems like hair fall, dull hair, etc. If you want to have long hair, try using the shampoo that induces hair growth. Here, you will know about the best Indian shampoo for hair growth.

Indian shampoo for hair growth

Ingredients Best Indian Shampoo for Hair Growth Should Have

The shampoo is nothing but a cleaning agent that removes sebum, dirt, and pollutants from your scalp. The shampoo contains many active particles, which assist in keeping the scalp clean. Generally, all the shampoos hold 80% Water, 2-8% Detergent, or lather making particles, 1-20% Fragrance Particles. And to keep shampoo free from getting bacterias, it contains preservatives.

However, shampoos that promote hair growth comes with some additional elements apart from the usual ones. The best natural ingredients that promote hair growth are:

Look for the shampoo that contains any of these ingredients.

Other than natural ingredients, some elements that are proven to help the growth of hair are:

  • Zinc: It removes dandruff, ensures healthy hair growth.
  • Biotin- It is a vitamin B that provides protein to the hair, thus, making your hair healthy and strong.
  • Niacin- It is Vitamin B3, which advances the formation of keratin.
  • Caffeine- This ingredient is powerful against the hair fall battle. It protects hair follicles & encourages growth.

Many essential oils contribute to the thickness and increasing hair. Some of them are:

  1. Lavender Essential Oil: It aids the maintenance & health of the scalp with its anti-fungal & anti-bacterial properties.
  1. Peppermint Essential Oil: This oil upsurges the blood circulation, which enhances the growth of hair. It also fights dandruff.
  1. Lemongrass Essential Oil: The oil provides relief from Dull & itchy hair. It stimulates and strengthens hair shafts. It is recommended by dermatologists due to its effectiveness.
  1. Bergamot Essential Oil: The essential oil rejuvenates the shine and luster of your hair. Using bergamot can strengthen hair follicles.

How to Choose the Best Indian Shampoo For Hair Growth?

There are plenty of brands that claim to offer shampoos with various benefits, such as shampoo for dull hair, shampoo for detangling, shampoo for bouncing hair, and so on. Therefore, as a consumer, it becomes challenging to choose a shampoo from a bunch of brands. But you can follow this stepwise guide to pick the right one. 

Step 1: Never judge a shampoo by its bottle, its fragrance, or its price. Always turn around the bottle and look at the ingredients in it. Ingredients at the top contain higher concentrations than those at the bottom. This is due to the guidelines of the Central Drug Standard Control Organisation (CDSCO). Every product must disclose the list of ingredients used, in descending order of their volume or their weight.

Step 2:Focus mainly on the first five ingredients in the list as these ingredients have the highest concentration and can determine whether the shampoo is good, average, or bad. This should be your deciding factor for buying the product. For example, If a brand tells you that its star ingredient is Aloe Vera and when you find it at the bottom of the list, then the advertisement is lying.

Step 3:In general, when it comes to cleansing agents in your shampoo, the following are considered very harsh:

  • SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate)
  • TEA (Laurel Sulphate)
  • TEA (Dodecyl Benzene)
  • Sodium C14- 16 olefin Sulphonate
  • Alkyl Sodium Sulphate

If we go according to this list, the popular brands such as Pantene, Dove, Sunsilk, Head & Shoulders, and many others don't make the cut. Take a look at the ingredients on them, and you'll find the above-mentioned chemical in them.

Step 4: Most of the time, ingredient lists have names we have never heard before. How do we find out if that particular ingredient is good or bad? Well, there are websites just for this. You can search online to see what kind of ingredient is that.

Step 5: Read the online reviews and see what everyone else has to say about the particular shampoo. You can find the reviews on Nykaa, Amazon, Flipkart, Purplle. Even on Youtube, many vloggers post honest reviews about hair growth shampoos.

But, always remember every shampoo works differently on different people because of the varying hair types. So before taking the final decision, become sure of the hair type of the reviewer.

Step 6: If the ingredients of the shampoo match with the check list and reviews are also good, you can proceed to buy it. You must try the shampoo for at least three weeks to know if it is working or not.

Best Indian Shampoo For Hair Growth

Best Indian shampoo for hair growth

With numerous products in the Indian market, you might feel clueless about which one to choose. Let us guide you to the best shampoo: Posch Argan Strong Strengthening Damage Repair Shampoo. It contains Indian ingredients like Tulsi, Bhringraj, and Asian wonders like aloe vera and Argan oil. Let's see how these ingredients help your hair to grow longer: 

  • Aloe Vera: Aloe vera is suitable for any hair type. Its micro-ingredients increase cell growth in hair and scalp so that you can have shinier hair.
  • Tulsi: Tulsi works wonders when it comes to increasing blood circulation on the scalp. It successfully fights against fading hairline and hair fall.
  • Bhringraj: This Ayurvedic element comes with anti-bacterial and healing properties. Besides promoting hair growth, it also makes the hair grow thick.
  • Argan Oil: Originally from the land of Morocco, this is an essential oil. The oil contains Vitamin E, which helps in hair growth and keeps hair fall in control.

Concluding Thoughts

So, this was our blog about the best indian shampoo for hair growth. From here, you can get a clear idea about choosing the right shampoo for your hair. However, if you want to skip this effort, you can choose to buy Posch Argan Strong Strengthening Damage Repair Shampoo. Besides, do not forget to follow a healthy diet & proper hair care routine to get the best results.