How To Prevent Hair Breakage With The Best Shampoo For Hair Fall

Feb 09 , 2021

How To Prevent Hair Breakage With The Best Shampoo For Hair Fall

If you are losing hair rapidly or noticing a decrease in healthy hair volume, there might be two reasons. These are hair fall and hair breakage. In both cases, hair fall or breakage repair shampoo can offer you great benefits. Before buying any “best shampoo for hair fall control” you need to know more about hair breakage.

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What Is The Difference Between Hair Fall And Hair Breakage?

Hair fall is something when hair strands complete their life cycle and fall from the follicle. During this process, it leaves room for new hair to grow. When new hair stops growing, that is when it becomes a matter of concern.
Hair breakage, on the other hand, refers to the fact that hair is dry and damaged. Lack of hydration or necessary nutrients can lead to hair strands losing their strength and ultimately succumbing to the external elements it leads them to break, shatter, or snap.

Reasons For Hair Breakage

To get the cure for something, you need to find out the main reason for it. Only after knowing the reason you can work on its solution or way of improving it. So here are some reasons as to why you might be experiencing hair breakage:

Heat or Styling Products
There are two products that harm your hair like no other. They are styling products that require the assistance of either heat or chemicals. Neither heat nor chemicals are beneficial for your hair. Using heating products like a straightener, blow dryer, or curling tongs are not advisable because they soak up the moisture leaving the hair brittle.

But to be honest, it is easier said than done. Most of the beauty routines need these, so you have to reduce their requirements first. Do not use them until they are necessary. When you do so, use a heat protectant before it. Then there are some hair products like hair colors, perming products that can badly affect your hair. Even shampoos that claim to be the best shampoo for hair fall control can contain harmful ingredients. These affect the pH level of your scalp, leaving you to do a lot of damage control.

You have heard our mother or other seniors saying that we should brush our hair 100 strokes in the morning and night. But that might not be the healthiest choice. Hair brushing is crucial for hair as it helps get rid of tangles and spreads healthy scalp oils over the entire length. It even massages the roots for better blood circulation.

Excess of anything is not good. The statement applies to brushing as well. Our hair might be considered a strong part of our body. But, it still can’t stand the excess friction caused by over-brushing. So, you should brush it just enough to untangle it to make it look healthy or when you need to style it.

No matter how many products we purchase or how expensive they are, they will remain ineffective if your consumed diet is not healthy. It is the ultimate truth that we are what we eat. It applies to our hair as well. Eating a balanced diet is very important and can’t be stressed enough.

But to delve into the specifics of hair breakage, there are some nutrients you cannot overlook. These nutrients are biotin and hair-boosting selenium. You can find them in eggs, fish, beef, nuts, and grains. Deficiency of nutrients and micronutrients like omega-3, vitamin D, protein, iron, and zinc will also contribute to getting healthy hair.

Towel Drying
There is nothing wrong with using a towel to dry your hair. It is the technique of drying up, which might damage the hair. Wet hair is more vulnerable and weaker than dry hair and easy to break. Drying hair by rubbing with a towel can create static friction. Once it goes beyond the tolerance, hair breakage will occur. Instead, experts advise to pat them dry or just wrap them loosely using the towel.

Tight Hairstyles
Tight hairstyles look gorgeous, but their presence in this list means they can be equally damaging. Pulling them back might make you apply more strength than necessary, and tying them in the same position can lead to breakage. Don’t make tight hairstyles a frequent habit, and give your hair some space to breathe.

Stress finds its place as the reason in every list of hair related issues. It is so because excess stress causes a hormonal imbalance that might directly affect your hair health. Severe stress can cause hair to age faster and finish its cycle early. It also affects a lot of parts of our scalp. So, try to stay relaxed and do activities that help you calm down.

Hot Water Showers
Don’t wash your hair with hot water. Ever! Hot water washes away essential moisture and oils, which leave your hair dry and brittle. Wash your hair with warm water and clean the shampoo by rinsing your hair with cold water.

How Can the Best Shampoo for Hair Fall Control Fix This Issue?

Apart from working on the points mentioned above, the most effective way to control hair fall is to choose a shampoo that works directly on hair breakage and hair fall repair.

Posch hair fall control shampoo

POSCH Onion Hair Fall Defence Shampoo is the best shampoo for hair fall control. This shampoo is one hundred percent vegan and cruelty-free. It is also enriched with natural nutrients that contribute to hair damage control. The shampoo comes with the goodness of Vitamin E and Plant Keratin.

Onion is immensely popular for its hair growth quality. Plant Keratin enhances hair strength as well as decreases fizziness. Thanks to Vitamin E, this shampoo fights scalp related issues to prevent hair fall. This shampoo constitutes 100% natural ingredients, so there will be no risk of pH imbalance.

You may be suffering from hair fall problems for a long time or started noticing the symptoms recently. In both cases, try the best shampoo for hair fall control coming from Posch.