How to Maintain a Daily Skin Care Routine with the Best Face Cream for Extremely Dry Skin

Feb 09 , 2021

How to Maintain a Daily Skin Care Routine with the Best Face Cream for Extremely Dry Skin

Do you have dry skin? Then you should take care of it properly with the best face cream for extremely dry face cream for extremely dry skin
Before taking care of the dehydrated skin, you need to find out its exact type. Yes, even the dry skin type has its plethora of differences. It varies from person to person, is caused by different reasons, and needs to be tackled differently.

To help you understand your dry skin type in a better way, look at these questions.
● Do you have dry skin all over?
● Do you have dry patches in some areas of your skin?
● Is your skin chronically dry throughout the year or just during the extremes of weather changes?
● Is it hereditary, or have you started noticing a change of texture only recently?
● Is the skin dehydrated?

And after you have determined your skin type, now comes the central question -

“ How to take care of dry skin on a daily basis?”

This article will share some useful tips for a daily skincare routine including applying best face cream for extremely dry skin.

Best Face Cream for Extremely Dry Skin

1. For Hereditarily Dry Skin

If your skin has been dry since childhood, there is probably no need to see a doctor. You can just make some lifestyle and food changes, follow a care ritual, and you can tackle it gracefully.

For this type of dry-skin owners, we suggest you to
  • Limit or completely give up using regular soaps that are generally available in the market. These will dry up your skin further. Instead, use a face wash with gel-based formulas that are organic and sulfate-free.
  • Start using a moisturizer after every wash.
  • Put honey/aloe vera/curd masks on your face regularly.
  • On extremely hot or cold days, cover as much skin as possible.
These simple care solutions will help you with your concerns and give you healthy and happy skin for a lifetime.

2. For Skins with Dry Patches in Some Areas

Dry patches can be a cause of concern, and you should certainly see a dermatologist if this problem persists for a long time. Sometimes, dry patches occur from underlying diseases, or they appear on the area of the skin with pre-existing pimples or rashes.

Try these caring methods for a while, and if you do not see any recovery, go to a doctor.

  • Put aloe vera gel on the dry areas daily 2 to 3 times. If possible, use the aloe vera grown freshly in the garden.
  • Wash these areas with slightly warm water and topically lather with moisturizer.
  • Massage with almond oil or real milk cream and sugar to scrub off the accumulated dead and dry skin cells.

Hopefully, this will help you to get rid of your dry patches.

3. Weather Induced Dry Skin Conditions

If you experience dry skin only during temperature or season changes, you do not need to worry much. It is a very common problem, and most people experience this all over the world. Incorporating some simple remedies shall help you.

  • Drink enough fluids directly in the form of water or through fruits, soups, and juices.
  • Limit bathing time since exposing your skin to water dries it out topically.
  • Lengthy bath time also strips off the natural oils from the skin, leaving it brittle and glowless.
  • Have a daily skin moisturizing routine, and massage it up with the best face cream for extremely dry skin.
  • Scrub and cleanse regularly so that the dry, dead cells do not sit on your skin to cause further problems.

4. Changing Skin Type

Do you tend to notice this concern only recently?

The chances are that it is happening due to some lifestyle changes. Stress, lack of proper nutrition, effects of new medicine, or some underlying disease can cause a change in the skin type. First, try these remedies for some months. If the skin type issue does not cease to exist, you must visit a doctor and get a skin-examination.

  • Switch to a more nutrient-rich and balanced diet.
  • Exercise for 30 minutes to an hour every day, either at a gym or at home.
  • Drink enough water, and hydrate your body well. You must ensure that you receive the required amount of water.
  • Wash your face regularly to remove dirt and dust. Do not forget to apply a sufficient amount of moisturizer after that.
  • Do weekly face-masks, including honey, aloe vera, almond oil, and curd.
  • Quit smoking and or drinking
  • Do not have too many caffeine-conducive products.

All these shall help you battle your concerns. But if you’re unable to, do not hesitate to visit a doctor. Consider seeing a dermatologist and a doctor, since different diseases can also cause this.

5. For Extremely Dry Skin

If your skin appears cracked, lacks glow, looks flaky, and dead-skin cells prone, your skin is very dry. It may be due to any of the above reasons, and you need to handle this issue with utmost care. Whether you need a doctor or care for it at home, you should not let it go untreated at all.

  • Cover as much skin as possible on windy, dusty, extremely hot or extremely dry, or extremely cold days.
  • Make sure to have enough fruits, dry fruits, and a nutritious diet every day.
  • Avoid street food, late sleeping, and stress
  • Take a break from caffeine
  • Use fresh cream and granular sugar for massages.
  • Use moisturizer after each wash; you must lather it up to reap the best benefits.

Wrapping Up

We hope this article helped you discover your dry skin category and made you understand how the whole skincare process works.

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